Starts with an abundance of internationally-trained

Our curriculum is built around a combination of world-class,internationally-trained faculty,and senior-level financial practitioners.
    • Derivatives Market
    • Corporate Valuation & Fundamentals of Finance
    • Quantitative Portfolio Analysis
    • Financial Statement Analysis
    • Finance within the Macroeconomy
    • Communication and Computing (Excel/VBA) for Finance
    • Financial Econometrics and Financial Data Analysis


A wide range of elective courses

Elective courses offer breadth and depth across a variety of emerging technologies and timely, local market financial topics.
    • Behavioral Finance
    • Stochastic Models
    • Internet Finance
    • Mining Massive Datasets
    • Capital Markets
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Chinese Financial System
    • Emerging Companies Finance
    • Commodity Markets and Modeling
    • International Financial Management
    • Banks and Financial Institutions
    • Electronic Payment Institutions
    • Fixed-income Securities Analysis
    • Microstructure and Algorithm Trading
    • Credit Risk Modelling and Products
    • Quantitative Risk Management
    • Directed Research in Finance
    • Contemporary Issues In Chinese Financial Development(Practitioner Workshops)


Contemporary Issues in Chinese Financial Development (Practitioner Workshops)

In this Course,a series of practitioners,holding senior,director-level roles at top financial institution are invited to deliver lectures on leading-edge topics,and share practical experiences
    • Real Word Financial Challenges
    • Small-group case studies

Campus life


FINest symbolizes the best financial people. This is our programme goal for the students and also our expectations for the future that our students can expect. New students, welcome to join the FINest!


Tired of the same kind of activities? You will love our sport competitions! Where to go, how long to play, and how to play, these are all up to you. Basketball, football,badminton, table tennis, volleyball, any sports competition that you can come up with will be satisfied by our gymnasium.

Study mode

Confuse about your future development? Do not understand the corse content? Don't worry! Our CAA (Career & Academic Advisors) system will help you figure it out! Our programme tutors and teachers will give their sincerely advises to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Connections are vital if you want to have a field day in the financial world. FINest Salon will bring you close contact with industry professionals and outstanding alumnus. Plus, we will prepare fine food and coffee for students and professors. Let's join us!


After a stressful test week, you may want to relax, to chat and play with your classmates, or plan ahead for the next semester. Then come to the FINest Night/Day! There are dynamic professors and teachers willing to chat on anything with you; there are course information for the next semester helping you plan for your studies. Looking forward to it? Come on!

Jungle Guide

Never been to Shenzhen before? Want to know more about our campus and district? Two senior students of the programme will lead you Junglers to explore this mysterious "Jungle".


"The MSc Finance Programme of SFI has excellent professors and tutors, practical courses and professional employment guidance.
Compared with the postgraduates in the mainland, we have a shorter and flexible educational system, our curriculums are practical and with full-English teaching. During my internship, the employer commented that our courses are excellent preparation for investment research."
--Lingni JIANG
Ping An Trust

With our programme's vision and extensive resources, we seek to make an outsized contribution to China's ongoing financial reforms. Our goal is nothing less than to be recognized as one of the world's top financial institutions.