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About the Programme

The MSc Finance programme at SFI engages students in a comprehensive training regimen that combines financial theories, quantitative skills and challenging real-world applications. Our students gain a thorough understanding of the modern tools and methods used across the global finance industry, with special emphasis on the rapidly-reforming China financial sector.
Our graduates have launched their finance careers in diverse fields such as securities, banking, financial management, and consulting industries. Our goal is to develop sought-after professionals that meet the high dual requirements of the domestic Chinese and international financial markets.The MSc Finance programme is available on both a full-time and part-time basis. All courses in both programmes are taught in English by world-class academic professors and highly-accomplished financial industry professionals.


We measure our progress across these important metrics:


Challenging Acceptance Rate (Full time programme data)

Based on the 2019 enrollment data, nearly two thousand students applied MSc Finance Programme, and only 172 students received offers from the programme.


Tuition Fees & Scholarships

The tuition fee for the entire programme (2020 entry) is RMB 258,000. Merit-based entrance scholarships are granted to exceptional candidates. Scholarships for Excellence will be awarded subject to satisfactory academic performance.


The Highest Starting Annual Salary (Full time programme data)

According to the SFI 2018 Full-time Master Employment Report, the highest annual first-year salary among our graduates is 510,000 RMB, and the average first-year salary among all MSc Finance graduates is 204,622 RMB.


Best Practitioners In The Financial Industry

The programme offers student access to nearly 45 practitioners, holding senior, director-level roles at top financial institutions. Some of these accomplished individuals teach important elective courses; others are invited to deliver lectures on leading-edge topics, and all share their practical experiences for the benefit of our students of SFI.


Employment Rate (Full time programme data)

According to statistics of SFI’s Career Development Center, the employment rate of 2018 MSc Finance programme graduates is 98.7%. Geographically, 65% of the graduates are based in Shenzhen, 30% of them chose Beijing and Shanghai and the others chose Hong Kong or other countries and areas' positions.


Most students feel that our unique course “Contemporary Topics in Chinese Finance” (FIN6108) is the highlight of their academic experience at SFI. This workshop consists of a series of lectures and case studies, led by a revolving group of senior practitioners in finance and academia . Emphasis is on current and emerging issues related to China's financial economy; topics change frequently. Students complete high-quality project research in small-group format, under the guidance and mentorship of these senior leaders.

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    The Best Practitioners

We call the students in MSc Finance Programme the "FINest ", a combination of "FINANCE" + "best ". It is our expectation as well as our sincere blessing to launch each student towards a bright future. For the benefit our FINest students, we coordinate a rich social calendar of non-academic lectures and presentations. These aid career planning, and encourage development of the all-important professional network.

  • Student Life

    Life at SFI

Connections are vital if you want to a successful path in the financial world. Our regular series of FINest Salon will bring you into close contact with industry professionals and outstanding alumni.

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    High-quality Resources

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Message from the Programme Director
“ Welcome to the Master of Science in Finance, the flagship of the Shenzhen Finance Institute. We are a rigorous and highly-selective programme, featuring an international education standard, English immersion learning environment, led by top level academics and financial industry leaders, each with training and experience from top institutions throughout the world. ”

With our programme's vision and extensive resources, we seek to make an outsized contribution to China's ongoing financial reforms. Our goal is nothing less than to be recognized as one of the world's top financial institutions.