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    The MSc Finance programme at SFI engages students in a comprehensive training regimen that combines financial theories, quantitative skills and challenging real-world applications.

    Our students gain a thorough understanding of the modern tools and methods used across the global finance industry, with special emphasis on the rapidly-reforming China financial sector.
    Our graduates have launched their finance careers in diverse fields such as securities, banking, financial management, and consulting industries.

    Our goal is to develop sought-after professionals that meet the high dual requirements of the domestic Chinese and international financial markets. The MSc Finance programme is available on both a full-time and part-time basis. All courses in both programmes are taught in English by world-class academic professors and highly-accomplished financial industry professionals.

  • Full Time

    The Full-Time mode is designed to develop students' theoretical and analytical skills, and build proficiency in their practical application. Moreover, the Full-time Advanced Research Track mode builds on the Full-Time MSc Finance mode, and further supplements this with academic research in one of several leading-edges financial topics.

  • Part-time

    The Part-Time mode is operated for the on-job students who want to promote their academic background in financial industry. Graduates of this programme are expected to gain a comprehensive understanding of the tools and methods used in the broad financial industry.

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  • Term

    1.5-2 Years

  • Tuition Fee

    258,000 RMB


The foundation of your exceptional academic experience in the SFI MSc Finance Programme is built on our abundance of internationally-trained, world class faculty and highly-accomplished financial market practitioners. You’ll get to know these instructors personally, given our low student-to-faculty ratio.

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Frequently asked question

What's the relationship between CUHK and CUHK-Shenzhen?

CHUK-Shenzhen and CUHK are two distinct campuses, but share the well-known, high quality CUHK brand of academic excellence. Close cooperation ensures that these parallel campuses maintain consistent, high academic standards. The graduates of CHUK-Shenzhen will get a degree certification from CUHK.

What is the difference between full-time mode and part-time mode?

Compared to the 18 month full-time programme, the duration for part-time is 24 months, and timing of classes is different. Considering that most part-time students have full-time careers, all part-time courses are offered during non-business hours. All part-time courses are taught at our Futian campus, while the full-time programme splits their time between Longgang and Futian campuses. The part-time and full-time programmes both share the same high-quality faculty and senior practitioners. However, the scholarships for full-time students do not apply to part-time students.

How do you consider the application?

The evaluation process is divided into two steps. First, we screen applicant information against our internal guidelines across several metrics: GPA, academic honors, internships, extracurricular actives, and English language skills, among other categories. Then, finalists are invited to Shenzhen, to participate in an entrance evaluation session. These sessions consist of a group interview among 7-8 people addressing a financial problem. Applicants display their team skills and ability to think “on their feet”. The discussion language is Chinese and duration here is about 30 to 40 minutes. Following this is a personal interview in English of 15-20 minutes in duration, where students present their personal qualities and answer related questions. A final requirement is an examination which includes English-language essay questions, and several statistical and calculus questions.

Director's Words

“ Welcome to the Master of Science in Finance, the flagship of the Shenzhen Finance Institute. We are a rigorous and highly-selective programme, featuring an international education standard, English immersion learning environment, led by top level academics and financial industry leaders, each with training and experience from top institutions throughout the world. ”

———————— Prof. Tao Shu

With our programme's vision and extensive resources, we seek to make an outsized contribution to China's ongoing financial reforms. Our goal is nothing less than to be recognized as one of the world's top financial institutions.